MegaDeck® Heavy-Duty Composite Mats

What is MegaDeck
Traction nubs provide omnidirectional traction without interfering with tracked vehicles.
Ribbed interior construction reduces weight while adding strength.
Heavy-duty locking system secures panels with a simple twist of a standard hex key.
Nesting flanges provide extra strength and rigidity at joints.




A Composite Rig Matting System, Temporary Road &
Drill Staging System


Actual Size Usable Surface
(due to flange)

Large Mat
(two small mats bolted permanently together)

7.5ft x 14ft x 4in
229cm x 427cm x 11cm

6.5ft x 13ft x 4in
198cm x 396cm x 11cm

1,150 lbs
521.6 kg

Small Mat

7.5ft x 7.5ft x 4in
229cm x 229cm x 11cm

6.5ft x 6.5ft x 4in
198cm x 198cm x 11cm

260.8 kg


Weight Bearing:
Compressive loads up to 600psi (over ideal soil conditions)

Coefficient of Friction:
0.6 (neoprene on wet mat)

Scientifically Formulated and Tested Composite Material

MegaDeck panels are molded from the best quality virgin HDPE enhanced with a proprietary blend of special impact modifiers, anti-static additives, and unique nano-clay fillers that accommodate thermal expansion and provide UV resistance and most importantly, tremendous strength. MegaDeck rig mats maintain their superior weight bearing properties in any climate or weather conditions. These HDPE mats will not rot or degrade, allowing you to use them for long-term installations or reuse them for years to come, making them an economical alternative to old fashioned wood mats that quickly deteriorate and cannot be reused. Click here to view our complete testing results.

A New Dimension For Rig Mats

MegaDeck rig mats are perfectly sized to ship easily by standard shipping methods, while maximizing its surface area and weight distribution. Weight distribution is directly proportionate to mat size, but mats larger than MegaDeck's 7.5' x 14' don't fit inside standard ISO shipping containers, requiring vastly more expensive and less efficient means of transport. MegaDeck temporary roads are available in two sizes: Small and Large (two small mats permanently bolted together).


Cast Aluminum Cam Lock System

MegaDeck features any easy to use locking system that allows you to connect panels in a variety of configurations without the use of special tools or small, fragile parts that are easily lost or broken. Aluminum will not rust or corrode, and locks are easily replaced should one somehow get damaged. Each large mat contains 16 cast aluminum bolt receivers, located along the perimeter of the overlapping flanges. Securely locked on all sides, MegaDeck rig mats will not drift or separate. Receivers align with corresponding receivers in adjacent mats and are secured with a heavy-duty cast aluminum cam bolt inserted through both mats and locked with a twist of a standard hex key. Easy-to-read lock and unlock graphics let you know at a glance if each lock is engaged or not.


Overlapping Flanges Ease Installation

Each MegaDeck oil drill mat is edged with 12" flanges that overlap flanges of adjacent panels on two sides, and under-lap adjacent flanges on the other two sides. Flanges are 4" thick with a rounded edge that allow mats to be nudged into place using a forklift. Unlike other rig mat systems, MegaDeck is actually strongest at its connection points, and the small space between mat surfaces helps to direct rainwater runoff.


Traction Pattern Provides Safe Work Surface

MegaDeck access mats feature an anti-slip traction pattern that allows laborers and even tracked equipment to work safely in any environment. The traction pattern allows for easy snow removal and regular clean-up without interfering with equipment. Molded into the top and bottom surfaces, the traction pattern helps to prevent drifting before mats are locked together.

Inventory & Tracking

Each MegaDeck rig mat is marked with a unique serial number, making inventory control easier. Optional RFID chips can be built into MegaDeck mats or retrofitted later. Simply specify your RFID system when placing your order.

GSA Contract GS-07F-237AA
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