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MegaDeck HD Power Transmission and Distribution Access Matting

Gain Access To Work Sites In Extreme Conditions With Our Non-Conductive Ground Protection Mats

Utility companies need to traverse difficult terrain when performing routine maintenance, upgrading power lines and cables, repairing storm damage to phone lines and the power grid, and especially when laying new power lines. MegaDeck HD provides temporary access for service vehicles, equipment, and utility components to off-road work sites. Diggers, cranes, and other heavy equipment roll smoothly over Signature’s anti-skid access mats.  Individual panels are firmly locked together on all sides to prevent drifting and separating.

MegaDeck HD access mats facilitate temporary access with minimal environmental impact by preventing rutting, soil-compaction, and other ecological damage.

Whether you need a portable access road to install power lines in a remote area or a stable platform to perform maintenance on a transformer in the mountains, MegaDeck HD can cope with compressive loads up to 600psi, so even the largest equipment can traverse uneven and unstable terrain without issue. MegaDeck HD distributes the weight of heavy equipment loads, protecting delicate surfaces like driveways and sidewalks while allowing service vehicles to cross very soft ground.

Uses for MegaDeck HD in the Power Tranmission and Distribution Industry   Features Benefits
Working Platforms

Temporary Roadways

Ground and Worksite Protection
  Extraordinary Weight-Bearing (up to 600psi) MegaDeck HD can support the heaviest oil and gas exploration and production equipment and vehicles over soft terrain, and in any climate.
  Cam Lock System MegaDeck HD is easy to install, allowing rapid access to the work site.
  7.5' x 14' Mat Dimensions MegaDeck HD is properly sized for flat palletization in standard ISO containers, reducing shipping expenses and expediting loading and unloading of trucks on site.
  Unique Manufacturing Process MegaDeck HD is stronger than other plastic mattingsystems that contain voids due to incomplete melting during the molding process.
    Proprietary HDPE Composite Formula MegaDeck's HD unique blend of virgin HDPE, fillers, UV protection, anti-stat and other additives is non-absorbent and prevents sparking, degradation, and related bowing due to temperature variances, while strengthening the plastic and preventing flange breakage typical of older systems.
    Overlapping Flanges MegaDeck's HD overlapping flanges ease installation. They increase strength at the most vulnerable point (connection seam) and prevent mud migration to the mat surface.

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Temporary Roadways

Access remote power lines, cross private land without damage and speed crews installing new lines with MegaDeck HD. Create safe and secure temporary roadways and access paths that accommodate repeated heavy loads over soft or unstable terrain with composite access matting. MegaDeck’s HD overlapping flanges and all-metal cam lock system ensure a secure connection that allows weights to be distributed across connected panels while preventing differential motion and slop at connection points. MegaDeck HD protects the landscape from rutting and churning by vehicles while protecting vehicles and equipment from mud and water damage.

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Working Platforms

MegaDeck HD provides a safe and sturdy working platform that protects the ground and equipment simultaneously. MegaDeck HD access matting offers excellent slip resistance and a firm foundation in any weather, over any subsurface. MegaDeck HD distributes heavy weights to minimize impact to the ground and protects more fragile paved surfaces. MegaDeck HD is non-conductive and contains anti-static additives to reduce the risk of sparking. Best of all, MegaDeck HD can be employed over and over in multiple uses for decades to come, making it a very safe investment.

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