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MegaDeck HD Trenching Mats & Shoring Mats

Provide A Stable Base For Shoring & Trenching Activities

MegaDeck HD trenching and shoring mats provide safe access roads and a sturdy working platform for equipment and workers. The ground around trenches can become destabilized, but MegaDeck HD shoring mats will ensure that your equipment has a safe footing. The mats connect on all four sides, preventing them from separating, while the proprietary blend of composite materials and unique ribbed interior provide unparalleled strength to handle your heaviest equipment. Ask us about our full range of trench covers and road plates. Align MegaDeck HD along the outside of a trench to provide support for equipment and as a work platform. MegaDeck HD is ideal in marine environments as it will not warp, rot, rust or delaminate.

The Ultimate Shoring Mats & Trench Matting System

MegaDeck HD trenching and shoring mats were developed from the start to meet the intense demands of industrial use and is the best composite matting system anywhere. In all facets, MegaDeck HD trenching and shoring mats provide you with leading performance:


Uses for MegaDeck HD in Trenching & Shoring   Features Benefits

Temporary Roadways

Working Platforms

Basecamp Groundcover

Shelter, Hangar and Warehouse Flooring

  Extreme Compressive Load Capabilities Whether as a portable roadway, access mat, or shoring mat, MegaDeck HD can cope with up to 600 psi of compressive loads so that even the largest truck or equipment can ride over the panel.
  All-Metal Cam Lock Connection System MegaDeck HD uses a one of a kind, oversized locking system built from aluminum that truly locks into place without wearing out the lock slot. This prevents unwanted movement and "slop" at the connection points.
  7.5' x 14' Mat Dimensions MegaDeck HD is properly sized ship flat in standard ISO containers, simplifying handling, packaging & equipment needs while reducing upfront expenses.
  Solid Internal Structural Integrity Other composite trenching mat systems are manufactured in such a manner that some of the plastic never melts, developing microscopic voids contained in the interior of the mat, which can lead to weak points. MegaDeck HD is produced with a unique technology allowing the plastic to be pre-melted before placement into the mold, resulting in a sturdier and more consistent plastic matting system
  No Distortion Under High Temperatures Every MegaDeck HD trenching and shoring mat has ingredients that prevent the mat from warping or bowing due to thermal expansion or temperature variances.
  Overlapping Flanges MegaDeck's HD overlapping flanges add strength along connection seams and ease installation.

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Temporary Roadways

Use MegaDeck HD to create temporary roads that allow heavy trucks and equipment to access trenching or shoring sites without damaging the intervening terrain. Vehicles can safely navigate roadways that run alongside trenches as the overlapping flanges prevent differential movement. The integrated traction pattern provides anti-slip protection for workers and vehicles alike.

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Working Platforms

Build working platforms along trenches with MegaDeck HD to provide equipment with proper footing and protect the ground from unnecessary damage. MegaDeck HD can handle the extreme rolling pressure of cranes and excavators and won’t interfere with tracked vehicles.

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