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MegaDeck HD Access Roads For Disaster Relief

Temporary Roadways and Base Camp Groundcover

When disaster strikes, MegaDeck HD composite mats can speed rescue, recovery, and relief efforts as temporary roadways, helipads, and base camp ground cover. Temporary roadways allow emergency and construction vehicles to traverse ravaged terrain to bring help where it is needed. Configured as airfields and helipads, MegaDeck HD disaster relief matting can help to deliver food and medical supplies to remote areas from all over the world. Mats are easily installed using a forklift or crane, making it possible to set up a base camp or trailer compound in one day. MegaDeck HD access mats are built to handle the heaviest weights, but also provide a smooth anti-slip surface that is ideal for tent flooring and walkways.

Signature provided flooring and roadways for the Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, The Haiti Earthquake, Hurricane Sandy and other global relief efforts.

The Best Composite Matting System For Disaster Relief Efforts

MegaDeck HD disaster relief temporary roads and work platforms were devised from the inception to meet the considerable demands of emergency responders, temporary medical facilities and disaster recovery teams as the best composite mat system anywhere. In all facets, MegaDeck HD provides you with leading performance:


Uses for MegaDeck HD in Relief Operations   Features Benefits

Temporary Roadways


Basecamp Groundcover

Tent Flooring

Warehouse Flooring

  Extreme Compressive Load Capabilities MegaDeck HD can handle up to 600 psi of compressive pressure, accommodating the largest trucks and relief equipment.
  All-Metal Cam Lock Connection System MegaDeck HD uses a unique, extra-large locking system fabricated from aluminum that truly locks into place without wearing out the lock slot. This prevents dangerous movement and "slop" at the connection points. Any movement throughout the portable roadway system can result in damage to vehicles, and this could mean the difference between life and death for injured victims of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis and other forms of weather catastrophes.
  7.5' x 14' Mat Dimensions MegaDeck HD is properly sized ship flat in standard ISO containers, resulting in less complicated handling, packaging & equipment needs, lowering your upfront fees and speeding up the time it takes to get mats to your location.
  No Voids In The Composition Of The Mat MegaDeck HD is created with a unique technology that allows the plastic to be pre-melted prior to placement into the mold, resulting in a sturdier and more consistent plastic mat system
  Proprietary HDPE Composite Blend Every MegaDeck HD mat has ingredients that prevent the mat from curling, warping or distortion due to extreme temperature fluctuations and thermal expansion.

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Temporary Roadways for Relief Efforts

Use MegaDeck HD access mats to create temporary roadways to replace damaged infrastructure and deliver emergency supplies after natural disasters strike in any climate or ground conditions. MegaDeck HD can be laid without expensive and time consuming ground preparation, allowing aid workers to get where they’re needed faster. Panels form a secure connection that prohibits shifting or tilting and protects workers, equipment, and vehicles from mud and dangerous conditions.

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Helicopter Landing Pads

MegaDeck HD temporary helipads can be constructed anywhere to allow rapid access for rescue and relief efforts. The heavy-duty mats interlock to prevents brownout conditions and dangerous kick-up of loose soil and debris. The extra-large HDPE panels are easily configured to any specification and connect to temporary roadways, allowing supply trucks and ambulances to drive right up to the landing pad.

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Basecamp Groundcover / Tent and warehouse flooring

Create a safe and sturdy foundation for basecamp facilities including barracks tents, trailers, triage centers, mess tents, vehicle parking, and equipment and supply staging with MegaDeck HD groundcover matting. The non-absorptive panels are easy to clean and feature an integrated traction pattern to provide excellent anti-slip protection, improving site hygiene, safety and morale. Overlapping flanges facilitate rainwater runoff without allowing water to collect beneath the mats. 

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