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DuraDeck Temporary Roads & Ground Protection Mats

Available in 2 traction patterns: rugged for vehicles and pedestrian for personnel

Made of long-lasting recycled HDPE that can flex without breaking - superior to plywood

Suitable for extreme weather conditions and most ground conditions

Low maintenance

Quick, no-tool deployment. Connect mats with DuraLink™.

Protects personnel, vehicles, equipment and the environment

Vehicle Traction & Ground Protection

DuraDeck traction mats have long been trusted to allow heavy equipment to access rough terrain without getting stuck in or tearing up the ground beneath. These easy-to manage HDPE composite mats are available with two traction patterns and a variety of sizes that make DuraDeck a versatile addition to any construction or drill site. Use DuraDeck alongside MegaDeck HD as transitional pieces, or by itself as temporary access roads, parking areas, tent flooring, and more.

Traction Mat Dimensions

DuraDeck access mats are easy to maneuver without the use of a forklift. Standard mats are 8' x 4' x ½" (2.44m x 1.22m x 1.27cm) and weigh only 86lbs. Other sizes are also available.

Module Size:

Module Weight:

8' x 4' (2.44m x 1.22m) 86lbs (39.01kg)
8' x 3' (2.44m x 0.91m) 64.5lbs (29.26kg)
6' x 3' (1.83m x 0.91m) 48.42lbs (21.96kg)
8' x 2' (2.44m x 0.609m) 43lbs (19.5 kg)

Access Mat Materials

DuraDeck access matting is made from high-quality post-industrial recycled HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). Black mats are naturally UV resistant due to the carbon black used for color. White mats are UV-stabilized.

Traction Pattern Options

DuraDeck mats feature two molded traction patterns and can have the same traction pattern on both sides, or one on each. Our double-hash "Rugged" pattern is ⅜" deep at its highest point and is best suited to muddy or unstable terrain. Place the rugged side down to grab the ground, or up to grab your vehicle's tires. (The rugged pattern may not be suitable for all tracked vehicles.) Our low-profile "Pedestrian" pattern provides an anti-slip surface that help to protect personnel as well as the ground surface. Face the pedestrian pattern down on grassy or delicate surfaces and up in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.


Traction Surfaces:


DD1 Rugged / Rugged ½" mat + 3/8" cleat + 3/8" cleat = 1 ¼" total
DD2 Pedestrian / Rugged ½" mat + 3/8" cleat = 7/8" total
DD3 Pedestrian / Smooth ½" total
DD4 Rugged / Smooth ½" mat + 3/8" cleat = 7/8" total

Connection System

The DuraDeck connections system is very simple to use and requires no special tools. Simply lay out your DuraDeck mats in any configuration you choose, and insert flat steel DuraLinks™ into the connection holes, straddling the seam or intersection of two or four mats. DuraLinks are available for 2-way and 4-way connections.

GSA Contract GS-07F-237AA
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