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Rig Matting & Composite Oil Field Mat Specifications & Material Safety Documents

MegaDeck HD Is The Superior Composite Rig Mat For Tough Jobs

Product Specifications:

Material Safety Data Sheets:


Module Size:

Large Mat

Actual Length: 14ft / 427cm
Usable: (due to flange): 13ft / 396cm

Actual Width: 7.5ft / 229cm
Usable: (due to flange): 6.5ft / 198cm

Surface: 84.5ft² / 7,85m²

Thickness: 4in / 11cm

Small Panel – available as a custom order. Please inquire.

Module Weight:

Large Mat: 1,092lbs / 495.3kg

Small Mat: 543lbs / 246.3kg


Beige - custom colors available.


High Density Polyethylene Copolymer, proprietary nano-clay filler, anti-static additive, pigment, 5 year UV package

Compressive Strength:


Flammability Resistance:

UL-94 HB Rating


Support Structure:

Cross-ribbed interior distributes weight accross entire panel. Not intended for bridging.

Ground surface:

MegaDeck HD composite rig mats are designed to be used with no ground preparation over grass, gravel, soil, concrete, asphalt, mud and sandy soil conditions. However, it is recommended that terrain be filled and smoothed as much as possible and that a geotextile barrier be used in wet and/or hazardous situations.

Connection System:

MegaDeck HD features a heavy-duty cast aluminum cam locking system that is easily operated with a standard hex key.

Tracking Methods

All mats have serial numbers for inventory control and tracking. Optional RFID chips are available for each mat - please inquire.


20ft ISO Containers: 20 large mats

40ft ISO Containers: 40 large mats and 20 small mats

40ft Flat Bed Truck: 40 large mats

48ft Flat Bed Truck: 40 large mats


6 month limited warranty against manufacturing defects

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MegaDeck® HD

Heavy-Duty Oilfield Rig Mats


Medium to Heavy-Duty Mat


Portable Roadways & Accessways


Outrigger and pole puller pads

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