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Frequently Asked Questions About MegaDeck HD Composite Mats, Oil Field Staging Panels, & Portable Access Roads

All Your Questions About Oil Rig Matting, Oil Field Staging Panels, & Portable Plastic Access Roads Answered

How do I purchase MegaDeck HD Rig Mats?

Please submit an online quote request form or call us at 866-471-9371 (Toll Free in US) or 212-953-9123 (Direct). You can also request a quote by emailing Once you receive your quote, review our sales policies and arrange payment, then sign and return your quote to us. For detailed ordering instructions for our composite matting, please visit the How to Order page.

Where is MegaDeck HD manufactured?

MegaDeck HD is manufactured by Signature Systems Group at our factory and warehouse in Orlando,Florida. MegaDeck HD is molded from a proprietary blend of HDPE, nanoclay fillers, UV and anti-static additives, assembled to the highest standards, inspected and re-inspected before being shipped to our customers all over the world.

Can I Drive and Turn on MegaDeck HD?

Of course! That's what MegaDeck HD is built for. Connected on all four sides, MegaDeck HD composite mats will not drift or separate, even under the heaviest moving loads.

Can I make repairs to MegaDeck HD?

In the unlikely event that one of your MegaDeck HD HDPE mats should become damaged, you can make repairs yourself. Send us an email requesting a MegaDeck HD Repair Manual, or call us at 866-471-9371 (Toll Free in US) or 212-953-9123 (Direct). All MegaDeck HD parts and components are available for individual sale. We also have handheld extrusion welders available for sale or on loan with a fully refundable deposit.

Can I replace the Aluminum cam locks?

Yes, you can purchase spare Aluminum cam locks and replace them yourself, should the need arise. Please request a MegaDeck HD Repair Manual for complete instructions.

Where can I buy or rent a handheld extruder?

You can purchase a handheld extruder directly from us, or we'd be happy to loan one to you (with a fully refundable deposit).

Can I use any HDPE weld rod to repair MegaDeck HD?

We recommend only using MegaDeck HD weld rods so your patch or seam contains the same proprietary blend of materials as the rig mat, ensuring a permanent weld.

How much weight can I put on MegaDeck HD?

Weight bearing varies over different ground conditions. The firmer the soil, the more weight can be loaded onto the plastic matting system. MegaDeck HD rig mats bear compressive weights of 600psi over ideal soil conditions and handled much stronger compression in laboratory tests.

How many MegaDeck HD panels can be transported in a truck or ISO shipping container?

Is MegaDeck HD available in custom colors?

MegaDeck HD is available in custom colors for larger orders.  Call 866-471-9371 (Toll Free in US) or 212-953-9123 (Direct) to discuss your customizations options today.


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