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MegaDeck HD Heavy Haul & Heavy Lift Matting

Extreme Weight Bearing Capacity and Easy, Flexible Installation

Transporting extra heavy or large loads over unpaved ground or unsuitable roadways requires a carefully coordinated operation and advanced engineering. The MegaDeck HD heavy haul matting system is the easiest and quickest matting system to install, accommodating the most demanding logistical programs and safety standards for today’s structural moving projects. MegaDeck HD’s extreme weight bearing capacity (up to 600psi over the right soil conditions) can be multiplied by layering mats until the required support is achieved. Protect your cargo by providing a strong, fully connected portable road that will not damage the ground beneath it. Mats may be connected in a variety of configurations to accommodate oversized and extra wide loads, creating off-ramps, passing lanes and temporary wide-turn lanes. Mats may be laid quickly in place with a forklift and then removed and moved to the next position. MegaDeck HD access mats are also used to reinforce paved roads, helping you avoid municipal fines as well as potholes and unstable road conditions. MegaDeck HD temporary roads provide a smooth even surface that reduces the risk of tire blow-outs or sinking loads, thus increasing the safety of every haul.

Uses for MegaDeck HD in the Heavy Haul Industry   Features Benefits
Temporary Roadways

Ground Protection
  Extreme Compressive Load Capabilities (up to 600psi) MegaDeck HD for structural movers & heavy haul / heavy lift companies can support the heaviest equipment, equipment skates and structural moving vehicles over soft terrain in any climate.
  Metal Cam Lock Connection System MegaDeck HD rig mats lock together without wearing out the lock slot, preventing unwanted motion and "slop" at the connection points.
  7.5' x 14' Mat Dimensions MegaDeck HD is properly sized to fit standard ISO containers, simplifying handling, packaging & equipment needs while reducing upfront expenses.
  Unique Manufacturing Process MegaDeck HD is stronger than other plastic matting systems that contain voids due to incomplete melting during the molding process.
    Proprietary HDPE Composite Formula MegaDeck HD's unique blend of virgin HDPE, specialized fillers, UV protection, anti-static and other additives is non-absorbent and prevents sparking, degradation, expansion and related bowing due to temperature variances, while strengthening the plastic and preventing flange breakage typical of older systems. The composite material is extremely durable, protecting the ground while extending the lifespan of the product.
    Overlapping Flanges MegaDeck HD's overlapping flanges increase connection seam strength, ease installation, and prohibit differential movement between mats.

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Temporary Roadways

Use MegaDeck HD to create heavy-weight bearing temporary roadways or to reinforce existing roads for heavy haul usage. MegaDeck HD panels support compressive loads up to 600psi and can be layered to increase their point loading capabilities. The overlapping flange and cam lock connection system prevents differential movement between mats to provide a reliably strong and stable surface that diffuses ground pressures associated with heavy haul loads. Minimal, if any, sub-surface preparation is required. Sections can be laid as you go; for many moves, MegaDeck HD panels can be “leap-frogged” to minimize the number of required roadway mats.

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Ground Protection

In addition to providing access, MegaDeck HD will prevent damage to stone, asphalt, and other expensive surfaces. Sites are returned to their original state immediately after removal of MegaDeck HD.

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