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Ground Stabilizing & Dust Binding Chemicals - SignaTrac II

Prepare The Soil For Road Building, Temporary Access Paths & Work Sites In Soft Ground Conditions

SignaTac II is a unique and superior solution to controlling dust and stabilizing soil. It is designed to bind dust and control ground erosion for use as ground preparation for road building, portable roadways and work sites on sandy, soft or unstable ground conditions.

SignaTac II is simple and quick to deploy (using any mechanism that sprays water) and when applied to the surface or mixed in with any type of soil, will penetrate and extend down to form a tough, invisible, non-toxic protective layer. Once the SignaTac II solution has dried, it binds the soil's particles together to form a clear, plastic resin bond - that applied lightly can control dust. Applied more heavily, SignaTac II will control ground erosion and produce a water-tight coating. Mix SignaTac II with soil and it will form a good hard base that is capable of supporting heavy loads and vehicle traffic. Once applied, SignaTac II is simple to touch up (requires 20% more product for touch-ups) to maintain.

SignaTac II can last up to 12-24 months (ground stabilization) and 12-16 months (dust control) – depending on coverage.

SignaTac II is in use all over the world and is safe to use in any environment – it is non-toxic to humans and harmless to vegetation. When applied lightly for dust control, this unique solution allows the soil to breathe and absorb water.

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