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MegaDeck HD Heavy-Duty Trackway and Ground Cover for Special Events

The largest outdoor special events often require the construction of full-scale temporary arenas and facilities in remote, undeveloped locations. Oversized construction vehicles, staging, lighting towers, oversized bleachers, enormous tents  and other heavy loads must traverse unpaved grounds, while tight deadlines leave little room for delays due to weather or ground conditions. MegaDeck HD heavy-duty access mats provide strong temporary roadways for site access by the heaviest cranes and equipment. Fully-connected platforms boasting extraordinary weight bearing capabilities (600psi in ideal conditions) support heavy staging and lighting towers, distributing weights to minimize environmental impact. MegaDeck HD is the easiest and most quickly installed heavy-duty temporary roadway and access system that can handle the heaviest weights associated with music festivals, concerts, sports competitions, and other large scale outdoor special events.


Uses for MegaDeck HD in the Special Events Industry   Features Benefits

Ground Cover

Temporary Roadways

Staging and Tower Stablization

  Extreme Compressive Load Capabilities (up to 600psi) MegaDeck HD can support heavy static and rolling loads, including staging, light towers, cranes, buses and bleachers.
  Metal Cam Lock Connection System MegaDeck HD rig mats lock firmly together without allowing any shifting or slop at connection points as the cam lock receiver maintains its integrity.
  7.5' x 14' Mat Dimensions MegaDeck HD is properly sized to lay flat in standard ISO containers, simplifying handling, packaging & equipment needs while reducing upfront expenses.
  Unique Manufacturing Process MegaDeck HD is stronger than other plastic matting systems that contain voids due to incomplete melting during the molding process.
  Proprietary HDPE Composite Formula MegaDeck HD's unique blend of virgin HDPE, proprietary fillers, UV protection, anti-static and other additives is non-absorbent and prevents sparking, degradation, expansion and related bowing due to temperature variances, while strengthening the plastic.
  Overlapping Flanges MegaDeck HD's overlapping flanges ease installation and add strength along connection seams.

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Ground Cover

MegaDeck HD access mats offer superior weight bearing capabilities for special events. Protect the land from rutting and churning by oversized vehicles and load-in equipment including cranes, trucks and forklifts. The ideal ground cover system for outdoor festivals and sporting events, MegaDeck HD creates material staging areas that can support the heaviest rolling loads over soft ground, protecting both the ground and equipment. MegaDeck HD provides an ideal foundation for trailers, portable structures, and vehicles. Create temporary parking lots and bus drop-off areas that minimize environmental impact and outlast the duration of the event. The overlapping flanges ease installation and prevent mud from seeping up through seams between panels. The anti-slip traction pattern is low profile for pedestrian safety and comfort. The proprietary cam lock system locks panels firmly together, distributing weights across panels to minimize impact to the ground.

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Temporary Roadways

Create temporary access routes for outdoor event spaces and festival grounds that can handle the heavy weights of construction vehicles, load-in equipment, tour buses and trailers. MegaDeck HD allows the heaviest vehicles and equipment to traverse soft or sandy soil conditions while minimizing impact to the grounds. The large rigid panels distribute weights to prevent rutting and churning of the ground while protecting vehicles from mud and the elements. MegaDeck HD is an excellent alternative to aluminium trackway, as panels can be installed with a standard forklift and are not as prone to theft or vandalism.

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Staging and Light Tower Stabilization

MegaDeck HD provide the perfect sub-surface for stages and lighting towers for outdoor concerts, festivals and sporting events. The extra-large panels conform to ground undulations, preventing see-sawing and prevent the heaviest towers and stages from sinking into soft ground. Stages and lighting towers erected over a MegaDeck HD foundation are considerably safer for crew, performers and attendees and stay clean and dry, easing the removal process. The HDPE composite material is non-conductive, which is a real plus when summer storms roll in, transforming lighting towers to lightning rods.

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