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MegaDeck HD Heavy Duty Access Matting for the Mining Industry

Mining of ore and mineral excavations often require the transportation of large vehicles and heavy equipment over challenging terrain in remote areas. In many areas access roads are closed during inclement seasons due to unstable ground conditions, but the MegaDeck HD access mat system creates temporary roadways with superior weight bearing capabilities. Long term campsites and temporary office structures can be built closer to the work site when MegaDeck HD is used to create a flat, solid, anti-slip surface for cabins, trailers, tents and equipment. Create equipment staging areas and working platforms that provide a clean stable foundation that minimizes environmental impact. MegaDeck HD aids site remediation from the start of your project, preventing rutting, soil-compaction, and other damage while creating a safe, stable surface for workers and equipment.


Uses for MegaDeck HD in the Mining Industry   Features Benefits

Temporary Roadways

Access Matting

Working and Maintenance Platforms

Basecamp and Warehouse Flooring

Dragline Mats

Site Remediation

  Extreme Compressive Load Capabilities (up to 600psi) MegaDeck HD can support the heaviest mining equipment and vehicles over soft terrain and in any climate.
  Metal Cam Lock Connection System MegaDeck HD construction mats lock together without wearing out the lock slot, preventing unwanted motion and "slop" at the connection points.
  7.5' x 14' Mat Dimensions MegaDeck HD is properly sized to fit standard ISO containers, simplifying handling, packaging & equipment needs while reducing upfront shipping expenses.
  Unique Manufacturing Process MegaDeck HD is stronger than other plastic matting systems that contain voids due to incomplete melting during the molding process.
  Proprietary HDPE Composite Formula MegaDeck HD's unique blend of virgin HDPE, nanoclay fillers, UV protection, anti-static and other additives is non-absorbent and prevents sparking, degradation, and curling due to temperature variances, while strengthening the plastic.
  Overlapping Flanges MegaDeck HD's overlapping flanges add strength along connection seams and ease installation.

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Temporary Roadways and Access Mats

Use MegaDeck HD to create temporary roadways to access your mining site and to connect different areas within your compound. MegaDeck HD allows safe transport of expensive, heavy mining equipment over soft or uneven terrain. Panels lock firmly together and will not loosen or shift through the duration of your mining operation and the overlapping flange connection system prevents differential movement between mats. These HDPE composite mats feature an omnidirectional traction pattern that provides an extra level of safety for vehicles and workers alike.

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Working and Maintenance Platforms

Create a strong, stable foundation for heavy mining equipment including the largest stackers and dragline excavators with MegaDeck HD heavy-duty composite mats. A safer solution to bog mats and steel platforms, MegaDeck HD provides excellent traction that does not interfere with tracked vehicles. MegaDeck HD is the smart solution for long-term installations, as it will not rot, rust or delaminate, and is lighter than wood, concrete, steel or aluminum options, saving exorbitant haulage fees. MegaDeck HD working platforms protect your equipment and personnel from mud, boosting morale and productivity. Connect with temporary roadways and access paths for a completely continuous surface.

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Basecamp and Warehouse Flooring

MegaDeck HD interlocking HDPE panels are ideal for long-term basecamp flooring, providing a strong, stable foundation for temporary structures, tents, trailers and mobile offices. A MegaDeck HD basecamp connects seamlessly with MegaDeck HD temporary roadways and working platforms for a safer surface that is easily traversed by pedestrians or oversized excavation machinery. The overlapping flanges help to prevent mud from seeping through to the surface while the low-profile traction pattern provides omnidirectional slip protection for personnel and vehicles. The HDPE composite material is non-absorptive and easy to clean, improving site hygiene and morale.

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Dragline Mats

MegaDeck HD is far superior to traditional wooden dragline mats, as it provides excellent traction and point loading without interfering with continuous tracks. Panels withstand compressive loads up to 600 psi and can be layered to increase their strength exponentially, facilitating movement of the largest dragline excavators over soft, loose or rocky terrain.

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