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Why MegaDeck HD Is The Best Composite Rig Mat System

Comparing MegaDeck HD With Other Composite & Wood Rig Mat Systems

DuraDeck / MegaDeck HD


Safety Hazards NO YES splinters, loose nails, broken boards, etc.
Can rot or be eaten by termites NO YES
Warps when wet NO YES
Contains Arsenic NO POSSIBLE
Contains recycled content YES NO
Treaded traction surface YES NO
Integrated connection system YES NO
Loses strength when wet NO YES


MegaDeck HD is Easier to Ship and Install than Other HDPE Composite Matting Systems

HDPE Composite matting clearly outperforms other matting systems including, fiberglass composite mats, all-wood mats, steel-framed wood mats, and all-steel mats in terms of their weight-to-weight bearing ratio, maneuverability, and flexure. MegaDeck HD rig mats outperform other HDPE composite matting systems as well, making them the clear choice for all your construction, drilling, excavation, and roadway matting needs.

MegaDeck HD is only 6" narrower than most other HDPE matting systems, but that half foot is just enough to allow MegaDeck HD to be shipped in standard (8' wide) ISO shipping containers. This drastically reduces costs and the chance of delays when compared to non-standard shipping methods often required to transport larger products.

MegaDeck HD's unique cam lock system is far superior to other HDPE composite matting connection systems. Other HDPE composite mats feature locking systems that employ small parts that are easily lost and broken on site. They contain metal parts that can rust and require the additional purchase of spare locking pins and up to three special tools. Our locks consist of large aluminum cam receivers inset and sealed into the overlapping flanges along the mats' perimeter. Cam lock receivers of adjacent mats align perfectly, whether placed long end to long end, long end to short end, or in a staggered or brick configuration. A large (3" top diameter, 8" long) aluminum cam bolt is inserted through both cam receivers and secured with a turn of a standard hex key. It is easy to see at a glance if bolts are in place and clear lock/unlock graphics let you know when the lock is engaged.

MegaDeck HD Outperforms Fiberglass Rig Mats over Uneven Terrain

MegaDeck HD HDPE composite rig mats are a better choice than fiberglass. HDPE has enough flexure to conform to uneven terrain, while fiberglass mats are rigid and brittle. It could be potentially disastrous and dangerous if a mat were to break in two while being traversed by a heavy crane or other equipment. Not only are fiberglass mats more likely to break, they are also much harder to fix when they do, whereas small repairs can be made to MegaDeck HD in the field.

MegaDeck HD Rig Mats are Better in Almost Every Way than Wooden Matting

Don't be lured by the false economy of wooden and steel-framed wood access matting. They may appear cheaper upfront, but given their much shorter service life (about 1/10th of MegaDeck HD's expected life span), higher freight costs, and single-use nature, MegaDeck HD composite mats are easily the more economical choice.

MegaDeck HD composite rig mats outperform wooden systems in just about every way. Our proprietary blend of materials is non-absorbent, is easily cleaned with a power-washer, and is significantly stronger than wood: it will not rot, splinter, or delaminate and is far less likely to transfer contaminants to other worksites. MegaDeck HD also contains a UV additive that prevents sun damage, while even treated wood mats degrade quickly when exposed to the elements. Not only will sunlight change the color of wood mats over a short period of time, the cycle of absorbing rain water and drying out will speed decomposition. Rain water and chemical spills can also leave the surface of wood mats slick and dangerous for workers and equipment alike. MegaDeck HD's anti-slip traction pattern provides a consistently safe surface for your entire work site

Most wooden rig mat systems are at least 8' wide, making it impossible to ship them in standard ISO containers. The ability to ship your mats by standard means can drastically reduce delays and exorbitant fees incurred when forced to use specialized modes of transportation. This one small difference between the MegaDeck HD composite mat system and wood or steel framed wood mats will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on other areas of your project.

Wooden access and rig mats are often 20' long or longer, requiring multiple forklifts and/or cranes just to put them in place. MegaDeck HD is easily maneuvered with a single forklift or small crane, and its rounded flanges allow panels to be nudged into place. Its large aluminum cam receivers make MegaDeck HD easy to align and configure in a variety of layouts. Connected on all four sides by sturdy yet simple aluminum cam locks, MegaDeck HD mats will not drift or separate like traditional wood mats.

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