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MegaDeck HD Videos

A selection of videos showing our MegaDeck HD composite rig mats being installed, connected, and removed. The videos demonstrate how the interlocking connection system works and how the mats should be configured for optimum results and stability on site.

Moving MegaDeck HD with forklift

Installing MegaDeck HD in a staggered pattern

Removing MegaDeck HD

Loading MegaDeck HD onto a flatbed truck

Removing Locking Pin

Using the pry bar to lock the pins

Locking Pin and Tool

Using the Pry Bar to assist forklift loading

Installing Ramps

Stacking MegaDeck HD

Truck moving over ramps

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MegaDeck® HD

Heavy-Duty Oilfield Rig Mats


Medium to Heavy-Duty Mat


Portable Roadways & Accessways


Outrigger and pole puller pads

SignaTac II™

Ground stabilizing solution