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MegaDeck HD Heavy Duty Access Mat for Public Works Projects

When civil and ground engineering projects require temporary access to unpaved areas and working platforms with heavy weight bearing capabilities, they need the heavy-duty access mat engineered for performance and value. MegaDeck HD composite mats lock on all four sides, allowing them to be configured in multiple layouts for a variety of uses, including working platforms and temporary roadways. Unlike traditional wooden crane mats, MegaDeck HD will last for years and is made from non-absorptive HDPE that will reduce the chance of cross-contamination between temporary worksites. The mats provide a stable platform for vehicles, staff and equipment and is the environmentally-friendly alternative to asphalt or tarmac temporary access roads. MegaDeck HD is available through GSA contract GS-07F-237AA.

Uses for MegaDeck HD in the Heavy Haul Industry   Features Benefits
Temporary Roadways

Working Platforms
  Extreme Compressive Load Capabilities (up to 600psi) MegaDeck HD can support the heaviest equipment and vehicles over soft terrain in any climate.
  Metal Cam Lock Connection System MegaDeck HD access mats lock together without wearing out the lock slot, unlike systems with molded plastic receivers.
  7.5' x 14' Mat Dimensions MegaDeck HD is properly sized to ship flat in standard ISO containers, simplifying loading and unloading, equipment needs and reducing upfront expenses.
  Unique Manufacturing Process MegaDeck HD is stronger than other composite matting systems that contain microscopic voids due to incomplete melting during the molding process.
    Proprietary HDPE Composite Formula MegaDeck HD's unique blend of virgin HDPE, specialized fillers, UV protection, anti-static and other additives is non-absorbent and prevents sparking, degradation, and warping due to temperature variances or thermal expansion, while strengthening the plastic.
    Overlapping Flanges MegaDeck HD's overlapping flanges add strength along connection seams and ease installation..

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Temporary Roadways

Protect the environment while allowing trucks and heavy machinery to access public works sites with MegaDeck HD temporary roadways. MegaDeck HD can handle weights of most cranes and construction vehicles without any ground preparation, but panels can be layered for extra strength and height or you can employ one of our ground stabilization solutions. Panels form a secure connection on all sides with an all-metal cam lock system that won’t wear like systems with molded plastic receivers. Overlapping flanged edges add strength where mats connect and prevent differential movement between panels. MegaDeck HD temporary roadways can be removed, cleaned and reused on other sites, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination or damage to the ground.

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Working Platforms

Create custom staging areas and working platforms suited to the specific needs of your project with MegaDeck HD heavy-duty HDPE panels. Keep equipment and supplies out of the mud and provide vehicles and personnel with a strong, stable footing that will help to prevent accidents and keep works on schedule. MegaDeck HD mats lock together to form one continuous surface that distributes weights of the heaviest cranes and machinery. MegaDeck HD can be reused for decades to come and is available through GSA contract GS-07F-237AA.

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