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Pre-Approved and Qualified by the GSA
General Services Administration

Heavy-duty Access Mats, Temporary Roadways & Working Platforms for Public Works Projects, Federal Projects and Military Operations

We proudly provide our products to government agencies at the federal, state and local level for public works projects, environmental site remediation, disaster relief, special events and military operations. Our heavy-duty access mats, temporary roadways and outrigger pads have been pre-approved and qualified, and are available through our GSA Schedule Contract GS-07F-237AA.

Our heavy-duty composite matting systems provide the best value, as they are engineered to withstand heavy use for years to come. The versatility of our product line encourages reuse in myriad ways, as our mats can be reconfigured as temporary roadways, rig mats, working platforms, basecamp flooring, access ways, special event flooring, and temporary parking lots. Our HDPE blends are non-absorptive to prevent cross-contamination and are completely recyclable, making MegaDeck HD and DuraDeck the responsible choice for your access and platform needs.

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GSA Contract GS-07F-237AA
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MegaDeck® HD

Heavy-Duty Oilfield Rig Mats


Medium to Heavy-Duty Mat


Portable Roadways & Accessways


Outrigger and pole puller pads

SignaTac II™

Ground stabilizing solution